Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Plan for the rest of the week

I am letting myself fritter away time since mostly the deadlines are self-imposed! I'm sure there will be more on the list before the week is complete.

- Stretch, walk dog, go to pool
- Call cable co. about lack of voice mail, credit union about problems with debit card, and neighbor about Thurs yoga class
- Minor dog grooming
- Write notes, pay bills & make more address changes for online accounts
- Decide on shoe order from Amazon - will go to shoe store to try on first
- Prune and weed
- Pick up contractor list from HOA office and select electrician to contact

Rolled over from Wednesday: weed
- Yoga class, walk dog, Bone Health seminar
- Go to evening Classic Cars and Food Trucks event at Camarillo Ranch
- Clean house
- Make list of earthquake/emergency supplies needed
- Complete Medicare Part B application

Rolled over from Wednesday: go to pool, go to shoe store
- Opthamologist appointment for minor procedure
- Walk dog and give her flea medicine
- Wash linens
- Menu plan for coming week including new main dish salad and new Mexican cookbook recipe

- Stretch, walk dog
- Go to Farmer's market
- Shop for planter for succulent garden 
- Play 9 holes of golf with Hubby

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Adding to my summer bucket list

I took the time to read through everyone's linked up summer bucket list and ended up adding some more great items to my own. Better get busy! 

Family & Friends 
Schedule visits with 2 long term local friends/couples 
Become a pen pal for a cousin as requested
Try a new cocktail to make at home  
Try 3 new summer main dish salads 
Eat on our patio
Fun & Exploration
See a summer blockbuster movie 
Get a pedicure and fun nail polish 
Read at least five books from Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide.
Settling In
Create a patio succulent planter garden
Figure out how to have music playing in our home (TV, computer, new CD player?)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh Baby - 7 months old and lots of fun

I already can check off one item on my Summer Bucket List because we just came home after 3 days with our 7 month old granddaughter, younger son and DIL. What fun we had and it was a good reminder that we really enjoy doing things with children.

Not only were we happy witnesses to her newly learned skill of clapping, pounding 2 toys together and untying Pooh-bah's shoelaces, but we got a kick our of riding the Merry-go-round and steam train at the park. Baby swim time was a blast as she splashed water all over her face and kicked like crazy while one of us doting adults floated her around the pool.

Fortunately our dog coped well and even let everyone pet her. And the visit was so worth the 7 hour drive each way. Can't wait until we do it again.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Off to see the Grand-baby; Oh and her parents too

We are heading out in a bit to drive to Berkeley to spend a long weekend with our younger son, DIL and that precious 7 mo old granddaughter! This will be an adventure and first, we hope, of many such trips.

First of all, we are taking our dog. She has met their dog but not their cat and never been to their home. Her "just get over it" immersion therapy continues!

We are babysitting the night we arrive. They scored tickets to see Hamilton in San Francisco and we offered to make the logistics easier. Hope she goes to sleep easily.

Their dog is scheduled for surgery on Friday to have a tumor removed. If the vet has to show up for jury duty it will be postponed a week and we will all take the grand-baby swimming instead.

Monday we reverse the drive.

Can't wait to get the weekend started.

BTW, right now we are being referred to as Pooh-bah and Nana! Hubby when asked joked and said he wanted to be called The Grand Poobah and that has stuck. My DIL is Grandma as she has an older grandson so we are trying Nana for me. We'll see what the little one decides to call us when she can talk.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Summer Bucket List

I'm joining in with the summer bucket list challenge! Please share your summer plans - I love getting ideas from others.

Family & Friends
1. See and play with my baby granddaughter for the weekend at least twice - once at her house in Berkeley and once at our house.
2. See my local son, DIL & FIL at least 3 times each plus make the aunt, uncle, cousin rounds
3. Plan and hold a "next generation cousins" get together for my sons' generation of family.
4. Invite new neighbors/acquaintances out or over.
* Schedule visits with 2 long term local friends/couples
* Become a pen pal for a cousin as requested.

5. Use the pool in my community each week! Swim, do water aerobics or just float around.
6. Go to the community based yoga class at twice a week when I am in town. 
7. Take the dog for a long walk each day we are in town to help her relax in her new surroundings. Her constant vigilance is not a good state for her or us.
8. Take a hike on a trail nearby.

9. Try three new to us restaurants in our new hometown.
10. Try 3 recipes in my new cookbook, "America's Test Kitchen: The Best Mexican Recipes".
11. Eat at the beach!
12. Go to the local Farmer's Market each Saturday we are in town.
13. Test and decide on 3 large group dishes/menus for future entertaining. 
* Try a new cocktail to make at home.
* Try 3 new summer main dish salads.
* Eat on our patio. 

Fun & Exploration
14. Celebrate my 68th birthday! Been a few trips around the sun since this one.
15. Go to the nearest art museum and one or more galleries. 
16. Go to a local event, fun store or attraction each month.
* See a summer blockbuster movie.
* Have a pedicure with a fun color polish.
* Read at least 5 books from The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide

Settling In
17. Volunteer for a role in at least one group. I'm considering Emergency Coordinator for my street.
18. Regularly attend one social and/or service group.
19. Finish furnishing and decorating our new home. We need den furniture and shelves for displaying decorative items and/or photos. 
20. Finish repairs on home inspection punch list.
21. Finish creating earthquake/emergency supply stockpile. 
* Create a planter succulent garden for the patio.
* Figure out how to have music playing in our home (TV, computer, buy a new CD player?)

Monday, June 19, 2017

More progress - the large pictures have been hung in the new house

We love art and have quite a few pieces including ones done by family. Slowly they are getting hung. Lots of smaller ones left to hang though.

The living room before and after. The painting over the couch was done by my MIL. 

Similarly the dining room before and after.

Our bedroom was pretty empty before. Now we have a real bed, storage bench and one picture. Progress.

The hallway got the framed original ballot from the 1994 South Africa election.

The air bed in the guest room has been replaced with a real bed and a poodle making new friends with our DIL and her dog. The last boxes to unpack are still in there though LOL.

The den is still pretty empty except for the TV cabinet that we purchased, a random table and lamp and more art waiting for homes. This empty space actually was very handy yesterday as we set up a folding table and seated 6 as part of Father's Day dinner for 12.

Two months in and it is feeling like home. The house is proving to be very comfortable and easy to live in which is a relief. Now to buy den furniture but first we are off to Berkeley for a long weekend with our younger son, DIL and grandbaby! Just the kind of family time this past weekend and coming weekend that we were hoping for when we decided to move back to California.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Remembering my Dad

Happy Father's & Uncle's, Grandpa's and just plain Great Guys Day! So many men add so much positive meaning to our children's lives.

I am thinking about my own Dad today as well as my Hubby, father or my younger son and great stepfather to my older one. And of course my younger son who is having his first Father's Day. That is him about 30 years ago in the picture of me with my Dad and Mom on Dad's 70th birthday.