Sunday, August 21, 2016

32 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

I knew there would be weeks like this. We are another week closer to listing our house for sale and little progress was made. I did go out to lunch with a friend, got a haircut, went to Pilates and had a nice relaxing week.

We removed more items from the house.
- Curbside "recycling" of an old coffee table from family room - 3 hours and it was gone
- 2 houseplants gone and not to be replaced
- Packed and ready to go are 4 antique quilts that are never used. I'm saving the one I loved as a little girl for use by my granddaughter who arrives in November. It will be special at our house for her as long as their dog still chews things up!

We made decisions.
- Final decisions made for bath remodel products. Now to get bids from 2 - 3 contractors, order products, and pick a paint color.
- Reviewed and made decisions about painting bid for exterior work and interior ceiling work
- I decided to leave all outside work to September as it is just too hot and humid right now for me. So I will start dismantling the flower bed that requires too much maintenance when it cools down a bit.

We started getting ready to do more painting ourselves
- Another feature wall washed down so it can be painted next week - this time in the living room.

Goals for Week 32 are simple
- contact painters to accept modified painting bid
- paint the living room feature wall

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Today's house selling prep project

Is - find a light bulb for an old light fixture! Ta-da!

Also known as escape the sounds of the neighbor's driveway being torn up and replaced.

Not as easy as you might think to figure out the new light bulb varieties. But then we are determined not to do things like change light fixtures so cross your fingers for me.

I am off to check out a supply place called Light Bulb Depot on the other side of town with modest hopes. We have 2 old can lights (exterior mount to the ceiling) near our closets that have had reflector spotlights in them. Not made any more and your generic big box store employees can't tell me what LED light would be a good substitute.

Update 1:

Sigh. I could have bought the ones we were using but I went with natural light LEDs. Too bright and white. Back tomorrow to exchange and pay the "restocking" fee. I have to give the clerk credit though as she tried really hard to show me the differences and talk me through it.

Update 2:

Went back today and ended up with warm frequency LEDs which are ok but not quite bright enough. At least they didn't charge the restocking fee and these were actually less. So ready to be done with taking care of this house.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

33 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

Week 34 was a busy week on the house prep front.

1. On Sunday I washed the walls in the bedroom we use as an office. It is almost done - just a bit of touch up painting, windows washed and closet decluttering completed. The two unnecessary book shelves went to their new home. I had already donated the area rug and recliner that were in this room. I moved a rattan chair in from upstairs. We will hang a painting to add a bit more color or just leave the trio on the floor.

2. Meanwhile my husband took down a giant bush that was dying and leaving only the stump for the tree service to deal with. We then decided that a whole long section of fencing on that side of the house was too decrepit to keep. No need to replace it fortunately and now it won't have to be painted.

3. I painted the feature wall in the family room. We centered the couch and painting as recommended by the stager and will remove most of the plants and small table when the house goes up for sale. Only 2 feature walls left to paint out of 5!

4. We received near final design plans for the main floor bathroom remodel. Just a few questions to be answered and then it can go out for bids and we can select a contractor. By doing the work over the fall/winter holidays we will get a lower price.

5. We met with the painting estimator as we know we will use the same firm we used before. Mostly outside work, but some difficult inside painting as well to be done by them. Waiting to receive bid.

6. I went through our Christmas decorations and pulled out some things for donating. The Christmas decorations now fit into 2 plastic tubs I bought at a very low price from the Friends of the Library and they are ready for the move.

I was interesting also to learn that what motivates my husband to make changes in the house now is a week countdown to listing the house plus subtraction of the weeks we will be gone to see family, the bath remodel work and painting work. All of those really reduce the time we have to do our part by 4 weeks for Hubby and 6 weeks for me. Made it feel a bit more real to him. He asked what he should work on next.

Week 33 plans?

- work on finding a home for the roll top desk
- go through more drawers & cupboards to reduce our belongings further
- sign off on bathroom remodel materials & request bids for work
- obtain painting bid
- start dismantling a flower bed that requires too much maintenance

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Saturday, August 6, 2016

34 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

Another week in our countdown has gone. I got a few things done, but much was left undone. Here's the list I was working from.

- Finish sorting photos
- Go through Christmas stuff
- Go through hobby stuff that belongs to me
- Make appointment with painting estimator
  Make appointment with bath remodel designer - she was out of town so another thing for next week
- Discuss family room staging
- Buy paint for family room feature wall - to next week
- Find a taker for the large roll top desk. I heard back from one charity that won't take it.Need to work on this more.

I also washed down the kitchen walls and pantry.

More large and small items have left the house! Our lovely neighbor finally had time to get the 2 book shelves she wanted for her home. The bedroom we use as an office looks so much larger now as was the point.

The large propane BBQ and 2 tanks are going to another neighbor.

Duplicate and not great photos went in the trash as did old photo albums. These other items were delivered to charities:

- large suitcase
- cutting board
- 13 cups and saucers
- more clothing that doesn't fit or is outdated
- a picture frame
- a sound machine (waves, etc.)

We made a decision to use our trip to CA for my FIL's 90th birthday in late February to meet with a realtor and see some current listings in our target area. We will interview, select and gather info from the realtor in advance. Timing of an actual purchase is still being figured out. Then we will go on to meet our granddaughter in person and I'll stay to help take care of her a few weeks.

Week 34 has quite a few items from week 35 rolling over.

- Meet with the painting estimator for exterior and interior work needing to be done by others.
- Buy paint and paint the feature wall in the family room and touch up kitchen walls.
- Call other charity re: roll top desk donation. If they won't take it then list it on Freecycle. If that doesn't work then it is on to putting it curbside perhaps.
- Follow up with bathroom designer to get an appointment

Friday, August 5, 2016

Today I made progress - on the getting the house ready to sell that is

Yesterday after I did the grocery shopping run I started to feel unwell and the rest of the day was pretty much unproductive. I did sort the last of the print photos so we know have 3 1/2 archival boxes instead of 5. I already had pulled out the photos I wanted and discarded one album of ours and 6 of my parent's albums plus a box of random paper items from their house. For now I am  happy with what I kept and will move those.

Today I feel somewhat better, but not up to working in the yard in the soggy, humid, hot weather. So I did things inside instead.

The major project was washing the kitchen walls and pantry shelves. Thanks to use of a generic "Magic Eraser" there is no need to repaint the walls. There are just 2 nail holes and a tiny ding that are now filled and ready to spot paint.

The downside of this project was that then I had to the clean kitchen sink and counters thoroughly after the above created a mess.

I'm tired! Washing walls is harder work than I always think it will be but at least that potential painting project is off the list.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

35 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

Yikes, I just figured out we have only 35 weeks left to get everything done and I'll be gone 3 of those celebrating my FIL's 90th birthday and helping to care for our soon to be born granddaughter! Yes, in the midst of other life changes we are becoming grandparents for the first time. So very happy and looking forward to meeting her and being part of her life.

We are making great progress on preparing the house for sale though.

- My husband has finished painting the inside of the new sun porch windows.
- I finished going through all paper files and eliminating at least 60%. We will still have to deal with my husband's work papers when he empties his office. Perhaps most of it can never enter our house?
- I'm halfway through the photos from my parent's house and then will do a quick declutter through all the print photos we have. We have a box of my husband's sitting in CA to deal with after we move and eventually I will get all the best ones professionally scanned and make print albums so we can enjoy them.
- Bit by bit we are succeeding at our material de-acquisitioning (sounds so much better than decluttering LOL!) Recently objects to leave included an extra briefcase, large suitcase, a lamp, small end table, and an area rug.
- We made a list of what we think needs to be painted on the exterior of the house and painting that needs doing by professionals inside. I'll set up an appointment to get the bid and discuss timing.

Being a list maker I pretty much know everything that has to be done. So I've started another type of list.

For each week I am going to have 4 goals related to this so I will have fewer "to dos" rattling in my brain.

Week 35:

- Finish sorting photos and go through family room storage unit Christmas stuff and hobby stuff that belongs to me
- Make appointments with painting estimator and bath remodel designer
- Discuss family room staging and buy paint for feature wall
- Find a taker for the large roll top desk. I do have two one charity leads and if those don't work out I'll list it on Freecycle. Fortunately it doesn't have to leave the house immediately. If you are in Atlanta and want it, it is free if you move it!