Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Blind Date Book Revealed

This cover

turned into this one. It is about the Dreyfus Affair. Part way through and finding it well written.

Monday, February 12, 2018

I'll be back later in February & want more blogging ideas please

I've been busy exploring other parts of life with less time online and we are driving to Berkeley later this week to spend a 4 day weekend with our younger son, DIL and granddaughter. Lucky us to be able to hop in the car and do this now.

In the meantime please keep sharing what you would like me to blog about going forward.

During my break I've been:

1. Taking an art history class on American Art from colonization to the 20th century and another called Jazz Meet Country: A History of Western Swing.

2. Attending a Great Decisions foreign policy discussion group through AAUW.

3. Enjoying meals with friends old and new.

4. Starting the process of getting our legal lives up to date with California wills and POAs. Learned more about the benefits of setting up a revocable trust and agreed with attorney that she will subtract what we paid for the above from the cost of the trust when we are ready. Left it to her to draft what we need so we can get them signed.

5. Getting our taxes done for 2 states and the IRS by an accountant back in Georgia.

6. Trying to find a schedule for exercise with yoga/stretching and walking the rest of the time for now.

7. Taking a Raw Chocolate Making class with my older son's fiancee who is such fun and truly has been a daughter for so long (they have been together 20 years!). We also had lunch at a beach side cafe and talked about wedding decor ideas and dresses.

8. Starting to get refunds from our health insurance for our Medicare payments which will eventually totally $1200.

9. Cheering that the HOA finally took down the almost dead tree in front of our house! Looking good.

10. Hubby started the 9 month long process of replacing a real tooth with an implant. Step 1: Tooth is gone.

11. Focusing on what I actually want to do that makes me happy. I like practical problem solving so I remade a blouse that I bought from the consignment store. I liked the fabric, it fit in the shoulders and bust and the style was terrible for me. The problem solving required was fun and I like the way it turned out!

Remade to suit me

 12. I also like to make soup, stews, quick breads and main dish salads so I have been cooking more of those.

13. I have decided to embrace my love of mindless cozy murder mysteries!

14. I went on a "blind date with a book". Right after reading this post, book blind date, I wandered into the Friends of the library bookstore and they were selling blind date books! Here is mine. What do you think it is?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Wow, that year went by quickly!

Guess what popped up on my Facebook feed this morning? It has in fact been a whole year since our Atlanta house went on the market. Oddly, I have been thinking of the actual date we moved into the new house in California as our anniversary date.

Still going to be absent for a bit longer while I think about what direction to take this blog and go visit my granddaughter and her parents too lol.

One idea: A series of posts on what we have learned and observed by making such a big change in living situations and both finally being retired.

What else would you like to hear about?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Taking a blogging break

Not sure how long I will take off but I'm wanting to cut my media time. Will still read and comment on other blogs.

Take care.

Friday, January 19, 2018

5 for Friday: 2018.3

Working on my 2018 ABCs (Adventure, Beauty & Comfort) led to this -

A week of exercise and socializing more than usual. Glad that our calendar is starting to fill up!

1. We took Hubby's 88 year old aunt and 91 year old uncle out for lunch. I always enjoy their company. It was lovely but a bit sad how grateful they were that we came to see them. We must do it frequently. They are not geographically close to their son and his family so we are trying to step it up now that we live here again.

2. I had ordered 8 warm weather tops to get free shipping with the hopes that 1 or 2 would be keepers. I was right and feel I look good in this one although it obviously wasn't so warm when I took this picture. I confirmed that it was a keeper with my Facebook style group - an international group of women who are so helpful and kind. I've met a few in person and they were so nice.

 3. We went to see "The Post" on Sunday afternoon and it was very engrossing despite already knowing the ending. I see why the actors didn't win at the Golden Globes though as it was more of an ensemble performance movie despite having 2 top stars in the leading roles. Then we went to our local brewery for beer and pizza and the last quarter of the Saints-Vikings playoff game. What an exciting ending!

4. Hubby saw that there were going to be 6 to 8 foot waves so we headed to the beach to watch the surfers. He no longer surfs but the pull is strong! A walk along the boardwalk followed by gourmet tacos on the Ventura pier. Retirement life in S. Cal is so hard lol.

5. Had lunch with a friend from way back in my working life who I haven't seen in years and we scheduled lunch with some other old friends from grad school.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 Reading Challenge - A Classic (or 2)

The first book I read for my personal reading challenge inspired by the Modern Mrs. Darcy's reading challenge (goal: stretch my genres) was Hemingway's To Have and Have Not. I don't believe I had read it before but certainly haven't read any of his books since I was a teen or young adult.

I had forgotten how "choppy" or unfinished his writing style seems and how dark his stories can be. However it is engaging and a fast read.

I had picked it in light of our ongoing challenging relationship with Cuba and the brief potential thaw including how resuming a ferry between Key West and Havana seemed a possibility before the election of the current President.

I'm going to read Pollyana next for my children's classic choice.

For February I'm jumping to "a memoir, biography, or book of creative nonfiction" and reading Personal Memoirs by Ulysses S. Grant. For the children's lit part I think I'll read Prairie Fires: the American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Caroline Fraser.

What is on your reading list?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Banking Wednesday: Retirement Finances

I have decided to deal with most financial items on one day of the week and Wednesday it is. So here are my Retirement Financials for the week.

1. The local newspaper raised their rate $9 a month without notice to just over $35/mo for a skinny little throwaway with lots of ads. We decided to cancel.

2. We made a decision regarding how and how much to contribute to our granddaughter's 529 fund and mailed the first check. Hope I'm still around when she starts college or whatever she decides to do after high school. 17 years to go LOL.

3. I thought we had to pay our excess liability insurance annual bill this month, but I looked it up and our move changed the renewal date to May. So I decided to look up all the rest of our insurance new renewal dates too so I can be sure we get and pay the bills online. In addition to auto insurance and excess liability we have standard homeowner's and earthquake insurance policies. We stopped our life insurance as we started collecting retirement benefits as we no longer need to replace income but instead made sure all of our beneficiary documents were up to date on pension and retirement accounts.

4. I started figuring out what documents I have or need to send to the tax accountant. Most won't be available until the end of January, but at least I have found what I do have and made a list of the others.

5. We both registered on line for our health insurance Medicare premium refund program ($600 each) and mailed in the documentation required. I also completed the online health questionnaire and got $50 on a debit card to use for prescriptions.

6. The personal loan repayment check we received reached our credit union in Georgia and apparently cleared - yeah!

7. An online item I returned was received and processed for a refund.