Monday, January 2, 2017

Building my Retirement Wardrobe - December 2016 update

I added quite a few items to my wardrobe in December due to gifts and to hitting the consignment store bonanza on Boxing Day.

First the gifts. A friend gave me quite a number of pairs of vintage clip on earrings that had been her Mom's. Nicely adds to my collection.

My younger son and DIL gave me a "Generations" necklace to commemorate becoming a Grandma. Lovely.

So then there are the items I bought. 
Jeans and light weight pants.

A cashmere sweater and linen top.

 A purse to replace a worn out one and a scarf to help my black wool coat work better for me.

 I'm quite happy and all were on my list. Bought for only $90.

A number of worn out items went into the trash, some others into the donation bag. Progress.

Get it Done December: Week 4

This last week and extra few days of December Hubby is using vacation days that he will lose at the end of the year and getting amazing things done.

- All interior and exterior painting on our list is done.
- Lots and lots of leaves raked.
- Fixed the pull cord on a basement ceiling light.

I managed to also check off some house related items.

- Basement vacuumed and cleared out. More to do once we get to February.
- New door mat for the sun porch.
- Started deep cleaning each room. The upstairs bedroom, bath and sitting room are done including ceiling lights. Downstairs will be done once the bath remodel is completed. Of course there will need to be continuous thorough cleaning.
- Got the bath designer to get approval to return the almost $500 of floor tile that didn't work for no restocking fee. She is to take it back. The tile we did use was much less expensive too.
- Changed my email on all online accounts. Comcast is not the provider where we are moving.

We also met with our realtor to go over the disclosure forms and deadlines as well as a couple of staging questions. The house will go on the market on February 23rd with the public open house February 26 and realtor caravan the 28th. Onward with the countdown.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

And so it begins! 2017 Goals

Have you seen the idea floating around Facebook to ask your friends to leave you one positive word starting with the first letter of their name? I did it and got great focus words to drive my dreams and reality in 2017 - daring, joy, terrific, learning loving-kindness, spectacular, pretty, decency, comfortable, stunning, play, love, and excitement.

So here is to a year full of that and more! 

Let's start off with some goals to add variety to life.
FOOD: Try a new healthy recipe each month. Bring the best into rotation

BOOKS: Expand my reading into new genres and read at least 6 that aren't mysteries or fiction. Sign up for Goodreads, browse Indie best seller lists, and use NPR's best books of 2016 as starting points. Next up - Travelogues, biographies, writers from a different part of the world? Any ideas for me????

TECH: Up my tech skills and use. Improve my phone use skills (GPS, search, hands free, etc.). See if hand me down IPhone5s and Garmin will fit my needs. Research and hopefully buy a laptop before we move. Learn to use my husband's tablet and my phone better. Look into Netflix, Amazon Prime and other options to expensive cable bills (the move will cause a switch from Comcast to Time Warner anyway). Get back into genealogy research through Ancestry and DNA to find out where my maternal ancestors came from in Sweden and Ireland/Scotland.

Then on to my personal goals.

HEALTH: I will exercise regularly every week. Keep up with Pilates, stretching, walking and healthy eating before we move . Once moved I will take advantage of the pool and fitness center, join a Pilates studio and find good walking routes.

CLOTHES: I will have fun with fashion while creating a versatile, budget friendly wardrobe for my new lifestyle & location. I will shop from my wardrobe shopping list adjusting it as my lifestyle changes. I will try polish on my toenails and branch out in accessories. Consignment stores and sales will be my friends. 

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP: I will make friends in our new location and reconnect in person with family. I will find and get involved in 3 activities/organizations. Email or write a geographically distant relative or friend once a month at least.Then I will invite people over and to go places. Hubby and I will develop a new routine of fun joint activities. We will host parties and family get-togethers. I will spend as much time as possible with my sons, DILs and new grandbaby.

And the elephant in the room of giant goals within giant goals.

MOVE: Have a successful cross country move. We will sell a house and buy a house. We will move us, the dog & our stuff across country and settle in our new home including furnishing it. We will transition all of our medical care seamlessly. We will manage the vet, groomer and boarding transition seamlessly. We will transition our electronic & financial life seamlessly including that I will start collecting social security upon turning 68 on September 1st and add Medicare at the end of November when hubby retires. I will quickly learn my way around and how to get to each family members location from our new home. And we will end up with more money in the bank at the end of all of that - maybe! 

I think that is more than enough!!!

Happiest of New Years to all of you. What are your priority goals for 2017?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

More than half way done! The bath remodel saga.

Because you know you want to look!

That wall at the end of the tub used to be doorway height. It will have a glass panel that meets the shower door.

And our currently unusable family room!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Get it Done December: Week 3

- Hubby cleaned off carport roof & raked a ton of leaves.
- More interior trim touch up painting.
- Basement clear out continues. Gone: 4 cans of paint, random wood pieces, foam core board, bench vise
- Vacuumed / dusted basement floor shelves, benches & lights
- Floor tile purchased for bath remodel did not look like we thought it would color wise. Found a better match and made switch. Tiling started.
- Realtor sent the disclosure documents we need to complete and we will work on them this coming weekend. We scheduled a meeting with her for next Tuesday to complete them and sign the contract with her as she is heading off on an overseas trip. She'll be back in plenty of time for the next steps before the house goes on the market.

I have had a sick dog for the final 2 days of this week plus contractors in the house so that has limited what I can get done. Cross your fingers that she gets better please.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

10 Item Wardrobe Challenges - #1

I decided to challenge myself to live with 10 items of clothing (plus shoes & accessories) for 2 weeks. This was for daytime wear not including exercise or yard work. I selected 2 pairs of jeans and one pair of slacks, 2 cardigans, and 5 tops. Shoes, camisoles/tanks, coats, hats, gloves, scarves & jewelry were not counted.

I came up with over 14 different outfits some of which were worn previously, some new and some I would not put in rotation. It did push me to get out of jeans occasionally and try different combos.  I also used 3 pairs of shoes, 2 tanks as under layers, 2 coats, 2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves, 3 scarves, and 8 pieces of jewelry for a total of 32 items.  There were a few yard work, house cleaning days where I wore those kind of clothes but other than that I was comfortable being at home, running errands, going to a party and going out to dinner and coffee. This gives me one nice vacation wardrobe guide for certain weather conditions.

Could you live comfortably with this few clothing items for a season? I liked finding new outfits and am going to start working on 10 Item Wardrobe #2.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Get it Done December: Week 2

- We finished replacing bark mulch in the courtyard.
- DH painted a living room wall and the front door and door frame.
- He cleaned out the upstairs bath fan vent.
- I washed the outside of the living room and family room windows.
- Asked our realtor if we needed to have the furnace and AC serviced. We are saving money because the answer is no. She did mention we may need to provide a home warranty though. That makes sense.
- The contractor fixed the live wire problem DH discovered under the back porch. No electrician cost required. Yeah!
- The dog got groomed.
- We scheduled dinner out with a friend who lost her husband this year.
- We keep raking leaves in quantity.

AND our main floor bathroom has a new tub, sub floor and drywall repairs. Moving along.