Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Best all in one printer for Windows 10?

Obsolescence has rendered our printer inoperable so we need to buy a new one for home use. Not heavy printers but want the scan and copy capabilities too. Ink costs are a factor along with initial cost.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Moving after retirement is definitely for the determined or wealthy

We have been in our lovely new home now for 3 days and are happy that we made this move. The weather is so delightful and the house suits us well. We are also pretty tired LOL!

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and brought a few things into the house. A quick run to Trader Joe's yielded salads for dinner and food for breakfast and lunches. Good idea to pack the towels, coffee making supplies and paper plates/plastic cups and utensils so they were readily available. Basically we camped in the house.

The day after we arrived we had a plumber in to fix leaks identified during the inspection and to brace the water heater safely (CA and earthquakes issues). Turns out we had to replace the water heater at a high cost but all got done. The move helpers were great and the truck was unloaded.  Camped out again but with furniture to sit on. Went out for dinner.

Friday was spent unpacking many boxes, a visit by a cousin who lives nearby, and getting cable/internet/phone service set up. However for some reason now our printer won't work and we are still trying to figure that out. Hubby also bought a piece of baseboard and installed it on the wall behind where the washer and dryer will go since it was missing there. Very tired but we cooked dinner in our new home for the first time.

Saturday I was full of hope for clean clothes but the new dryer was broken and had to be returned. We do have a new washer but I am not trying to air dry loads of clothing indoors. Most of the kitchen stuff and clothing is unpacked. It is interesting to figure out how to use the available storage which is laid out so differently than in our previous home. I went to the closest grocery store and rediscovered how much time it takes to shop in a new store but came home with more essentials.

Tomorrow is more unpacking, a visit from another cousin and hopefully a nice long walk.

I'll take photos to share once there aren't boxes stacked all over the place.

There is a new resident's tea on next Thursday afternoon and we will attend. Time to get back out in the larger world.

Friday, April 21, 2017

We made it to our new home in Camarillo, CA

I think it is going to be a lovely home. We arrived 2 days ago and are in the midst of unpacking, water heater replacement, cable installation, etc.

The drive was as smooth as one could hope and all the dog friendly hotels were indeed friendly and nice. We drove across part of Georgia, Alabama, a tiny bit of Tennessee, Arkansas, the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, New Mexico, Arizona and the finally California. The dog turned out to be a champion traveler!

Lots to do here so just checking in now that I have internet service again. Thanks for all of the well wishes and encouraging words.

More later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

30 Countdown to Move Out: Days 26 - 30

Since the computer is being packed up today (Day 28) and the truck tomorrow, here is what the final few days before we begin our cross country move have and will look like.

Sale of current house:
- Leak in bath sink fixed.
- Final cleaning of house and yard clean up.
- Final walk through by buyers on April 13.

Packing & downsizing:
- Threw out a lot of hangers as they are too bulky to move.
- Packed final boxes and suitcases.
- Truck loaded on April 12th with final bits the next day and morning of April 14th.
- The 1-800-GotJunk truck arrives April 13th to take the mattresses and other items that we aren't taking with us.

For the dog: 
- Vet visit April 11th for her monthly shot.
- April 12th grooming appointment to have her gone during truck loading.

For myself:
- I downloaded some books to read in the evenings on the road, packed some healthy snacks and took some deep breaths.

Day 31:

On April 14th we drop the dog off at 9am at her foster family for a morning play date/dog sit. Then we go to the house closing as in Georgia you actually show up at the attorney's office and meet face to face. We will pick up something for lunch, pick up dog, pick up the loaded truck and head to Tupelo, MS on the first leg of our trip. See you on the other side of the country after further stops in Van Buren,AR, Amarillo, TX, Gallup, NM and Needles,CA!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

30 Countdown to Move Out: Days 19 - 25

Give me your ideas please! What to eat once the kitchen is packed up? Breakfasts are especially hard for me to imagine beyond a carton of yogurt. I do have paper plates, plastic cups and plastic utensils available plus the frig.

One thing I highly recommend if you are moving to an area that will require a change of health care providers is to schedule appointments with all your main providers before you move! Find out how to transfer your medical records, what to ask to find the best next provider and get prescriptions with refills for any medications. You don't want to be scrambling for routine health care right after your move. That being said, I had the last of my appointments this week. I did have to cancel an annual Opthamology appointment due to the traffic nightmare created by the freeway bridge collapse here in Atlanta but that will not be so hard to replace and isn't urgent.

Happy I accomplished these things this past week:

Sale of current house:
- Cleaned inside cupboards, etc. in prep for final walk through.
- Scheduled haulers for April 13 for items that need to be junked (e.g. old mattresses, etc.).
- Received new microwave and installed it.
- The third item in the house broke and the plumber will be here on Monday morning to fix a leak in the bathroom sink. 

New house:
- Our cousin is picking up our mail at the new house so we won't have any past due bills for electricity, etc. by the time we get there.
- Scheduled cable installation and plumbing repairs.
- "Popcorn" ceilings have been removed and the ceilings painted. Photos look good.

Cross country move: 
- Hubby changed our health insurance to CA and found out how to change his address in payroll.
- Booked hotels and laid out route for drive across country April 14 - 19.
- Had the car in for a check up prior to driving across the country.

Packing & downsizing:
- The older car went to its new owners who are friends and our dog's foster family.
- Finally figured out way to pack a large oil painting and large framed print.
- Packed 11 boxes total. Just the last minute stuff left.

For myself:
- Good bye dinner with closest book club & neighborhood friends & lunch with best friend.
- Haircut.

What I am looking forward to this coming week:

- Mostly this being over with and getting on to the cross country drive! Going to face that day by day and not focus on how far it is LOL.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dear Stuff: Quit breaking down until after the house closes please!

Keep your fingers crossed that we get to April 14th with nothing else breaking.

Yesterday it was the microwave that gave up the ghost. Granted it was over 20 years old but still...

Before that it was the split heat pump/AC that wouldn't work properly.

Hope this doesn't come in 3's!